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A street cat named Bob : and how he saved my life

Review by Kathleen Szabo on August 26, 2016

Categories: Non-fiction

Charming story of how an animal can raise up a human being and change his life forever. The author was down on his luck, estranged from his family, trying to stay sober and eking out a living as a street musician on the mean streets of London when he met a cat. The cat was sick and wouldn't leave the front of the apartment. Taking pity on him Bowen took him to a clinic and then nursed him back to health. From that day forward the cat, now named Bob, never left his side. He accompanied him to his street gigs and charmed the passersby so much that the author's daily take rose substantially. Eventually, Bowen was able to pull himself out of poverty and Bob became a YouTube celebrity. This is a heartwarming story of how two lost souls found and pulled each other up. Read about their continuing adventures in The World According to Bob and in the children's book, My Name is Bob.