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People of the book : a novel

Review by Kathleen Szabo on March 26, 2010

Categories: Fiction

This is a fascinating novel that tells the story of the long-lost Sarajevo Haggadah which is of great religious significance to Jews, but has been saved from destruction many times throughout its more than 500 year history by Muslims and Christians. Now a rare-book expert is working to conserve it and in doing so, finds small evidences of some of the people whose hands the book has passed through over these many years. Part history, part detective story this novel is extremely satisfying and will kept you turning pages following each new clue to the solution to the puzzle.
Note: There is a real Sarajevo Haggadah which was hidden from the Nazis during WWII by Muslims, survived the Bosnian war and went on display in the Sarajevo Museum in 2002 as a symbol of religious harmony and coexistance. The author invented the rest of the story.